The corrupt ruler of Equestria, King Sombra enslaved the residents of the Crystal Empire.

Mind 25
Body 25
Heart 55
Fort 400
Will 400
Nat Arm 35
Total Armour 55
w/ Magic Resist 70
Skills Attribute Score
Spellcasting M 25
Intimidation H 20
Shields & Armour B 20
Deception H 25
Discipline M 25
Magic & Occult M 20
Martial Arts B 25
Heavy Weapons B 25

Active Abilities:
Tackle +2
Buck +4
Gore +3
Shadow Walker
Corruption Magic
Crystalline Magic
Corrupting Gaze (Intimidate check – Does 50 will power damage each time. If the PC is dropped to 0 Willpower by this, instead of becoming Sidelined, they instead become a servant of King Sombra. Can only be used once every 3 rounds.)

Passive Abilities:
Dark Vision
Shadow spells heal instead of damage
Magic Resist +15



MLP RiM - Song in the Darkness SpiritofthwWolf